For Acknowledgement And Agreement

The contract terms recognition clause (or verification by a lawyer or independent legal advisor) contains a confirmation from a person party to the agreement that they have read and understood the agreement, that they have had the opportunity to verify the agreement with independent counsel, and that they have signed the agreement voluntarily. 1. Recognition of contractual conditions. Prior to the signing of this agreement, [PARTY B] If a party to the agreement is a lawyer, its incence rules may require that the other party be effectively advised by independent counsel. (See, for example, the rules applicable to lawyers in Ontario.) (d) knowingly and voluntarily accepts all the terms of this Agreement, without undue coercion, coercion or influence by [PARTY A], its representatives or any other person, and agrees to be legally bound by such terms. Counsel from the lawyer. [PARTY A] advised [PARTY B] to review this agreement prior to signing this agreement with counsel of its choice, and [PARTY B] had a reasonable period of time to do so. The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement does not replace, modify or modify the terms of stock options that Acme granted to the Executive prior to the date of this Agreement. (c) has been advised by [PARTY A] and has had sufficient opportunities to consult with counsel of his or her choice about this agreement, and it is an acknowledgement that the person has had the opportunity to verify the agreement with counsel, not that he or she has actually done so…. Authors sometimes have a party that “unconditionally acknowledges” or “expressly acknowledges” something. These uses are a rhetorical emphasis. (For more information on the rhetorical accent, see this article.) Below is an example of how it is used for employees to confirm receipt and understanding of the new dress code.

. This is an essential directive for a human resources department, as it is used whenever a new directive is distributed and staff are trained in it. Instead of creating a generic sample policy receipt, you can replace the directive used in the example below with any directive. An alternative to Party X`s acknowledges that a fact alleged by Party Y is just confirms that this fact is included in the recitals. . . .