Your Billing Agreement With Sony Has Been Cancelled

Edit: Actually, I got exactly the same thing after trying to buy something in the online store. I had just bought stuff on my PS4 like half an hour ago, so I think it was just a bug with the online store. Has anyone ever received this email from PayPal? I happened to have it tonight when I bought a DLC on my PC for World at War. I recorded PayPal on the ps4 but not on the ps3, so I have to do it via the PC. The strange thing is that I had a missing transaction to click Cancel or switch from PayPal when I go to Proceed with Purchase. I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to solve a payment problem when buying a camera and lenses app that cost me several thousand pounds!!! This included calling a premium phone without any and one of my many calls being disconnected from Sony support as I wasn`t calling for a PlayStation!! A total of 6 calls. I then discovered that Sony had suspended my account because I had made many attempts to buy applications that had not all gone through it. The payment methods I used were initially a MasterCard, then I decided to try my PayPal account to see if it was more successful, unfortunately not. On the last call, I was suggested to go to Tesco and buy a prepaid card to buy an app that costs £7.99. Is Sony serious about treating its customers who have spent considerable amounts of money on photo equipment who need to take a prepaid card because their system would not accept other real payment methods? Absolutely ridiculous and this with the possibility of contacting a PlayStation department to clarify this, which, by the way, did nothing but tell me that Sony had suspended my account without further explanation. They were also unable to find the case reference. no, which I received from your camera support team, as the numbers did not match those used on their system, namely 14684034.

What a farce. Epilogue. After all this nonsense, I then get an email from PayPal saying that Sony US has blocked my payment method for no other reason. I then contacted PayPal who could only say contact Sony for an explanation of why, as they were just as confused as I was. I have always memorized my card and billing information. All you have to do is enter my password at checkout. Has anyone ever received this email PayPal? It`s just that tonight I`m buying DLC on my PC for the world at war. I PayPal stored on the ps4 but not on the ps3, so I have to do it on the PC. The strange thing is that I had a missing transaction, either to click Cancel or to PayPal further when I make the purchase.

It`s not something to worry about. I`ve been receiving these emails for months with my purchases. It`s as if Sony is using PayPal. I received an email from announcing that my billing contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment has been terminated, but I have never had a billing contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Is it a scam? Has anyone else received this kind of message? I got this error when I tried to use the same PayPal on two accounts. PayPal was already linked to account 1, and iirc I would get this error if I tried to buy with account 2, but if every internet purchase payment method was subject to its process, few internet transactions would take place and that with a variety of frustrated customers. I just had to remove my PayPal from account 1 and then everything worked well with account 2. I wouldn`t worry if things/security information were in danger, but it`s safe to play it safe Oh no! This sounds really worrying. .