Veterinary Confidentiality Agreement

14.31 Veterinarians and animal keepers must disclose information to meet a particular legal requirement, such as. B notification of a known or suspected case of certain infectious diseases. The veterinary record and the health of an animal are confidential and, without the client`s written permission, cannot be charged or discussed with a person other than the client or other veterinarian involved in the maintenance or treatment of the animal without the client`s written permission, without the client`s written permission: 2) A civil or criminal court order after a subpoena is submitted to the client or the client`s legal representative. (3) In the context of an inspection or investigation carried out by the chamber or by an agent of the chamber. (4) At the request of a regulatory or health authority, a doctor or a veterinarian: A) control of vaccination against rabies in an animal; or (B) to examine a threat to human or animal health or to the protection of animal health and welfare or public health. (5) As part of a report on animal cruelty and related applicable records, which are part of an investigation into abuses committed by law enforcement agencies or government authorities. (6) to a law enforcement authority in the context of a criminal investigation. Veterinary records and an animal`s health status may be debited without the client`s written consent in the following circumstances: (1) At the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine, the Epizooty Diagnostic Laboratory or a public authority or commission. However, an animal`s veterinary records remain confidential, unless the information is disclosed in an authorized manner in this section. 2.

Veterinary records that are disclosed by the national veterinary authority when, in accordance with the national vet`s ruling, disclosure is necessary or useful to promote animal health or the protection of public health. (3) For statistical and scientific research, where information is abstract in order to protect the identity of the animal and the client. C. The potential buyer has been ordered by the broker to retain the services of competent and experienced legal counsel to verify all agreements and other documents to be executed in connection with the sale/affiliation, including this contract. Legal counsel and counsel to the potential buyer are advised or advised on the situation of counsel regarding the ability to conclude a business. 14.30 If a veterinarian or veterinarian has real doubts about the justification for disclosing information in these circumstances without the client`s consent, the authority requesting the information may request a court order requiring disclosure of the information. Please note that state veterinary agencies are empowered to interpret and enforce veterinary practice provisions. If you have a question about how specific national legislation applies to certain circumstances in that country, please contact the country`s veterinary authority. 14.21 If a veterinarian or veterinarian is corrected by domestic abuse, this should only be reported to the appropriate authorities if the victim agrees.